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20 september 2018 DeFabrique, Utrecht


Kristoffer Ewald

NetBooster Group CIO and SVP Data, Metapeople

Kristoffer Ewald is an internationally recognized digital strategist with 17+ years of experiences around digital in consulting, entrepreneurship and agencies.

His career has included a web agency called Silvertag in the happy days of pre 2000 internet, NxT@Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies to incubating THNK, an innovation consultancy that was sold to Saatchi & Saatchi in 2003. Later he launched a series of startups including The Milk, a first mover on online strategies consulting focused on usability, behavioural analysis and analytics, later acquired by Netbooster Group based in Paris and Europe’s largest independent performance agency.

Kristoffer now acts as the Group Chief Innovations Officer and leads the team that delivers data-driven strategies to strategic clients and drives change. Kristoffer have been active in the Digital Analytics Association since its early days and have participated in its Research Committee. Kristoffer was a founding member of the board at Association of Danish Digital Agencies. Kris has developed 5 flourishing startups.

Kristoffer is a very popular and well received international speaker with well over 150 talks on his path. When he’s home he lives with his wife and two young kids in Zug, Switzerland where they relocated from their native Denmark and where he rides his bike to work and dreams of the days when there was still enough free time to go adventure racing.