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Hét e-commercekennisevent

12 oktober 2023
DeFabrique, Utrecht


How Zeeman used on-site search and discovery to improve customer experience

doorAlex Bloemendal


om 11:40 - 12.10

zaal Loods 8

The Dutch retailer Zeeman, known for good quality clothing and textiles at good prices, has always maintained an ethos of keeping things simple. Simple designs, simple stores and simple customer experience. However, recently they realised that their on-site search and discovery was anything but simple.

In this presentation Alex Bloemendal, Zeeman’s Ecommerce Manager, will explain the challenges they were facing with their digital commerce and how they addressed this to transform the experience for their customers, to truly make it more simple. Join Alex’s session to learn how Zeeman continuously evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.