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12 oktober 2023
DeFabrique, Utrecht


Amber Duettmann

Amber Duettmann

Amber is Head of Expansion at Mondu, an innovative B2B payments company. She leads the strategy and execution to
scale Mondu internationally and also manages the partnerships function. Before Mondu, she gained international experience as Head of Growth in the BNPL market and co-founded an e-commerce start-up, which was awarded by the German ministry of economics & technology as one of the best creative businesses 2019. Amber started her career in investment banking at J.P. Morgan and then gained extensive experience as a strategy consultant at Bain & Company with a specialization in the financial and tech industries as well as the Advanced Analytics Group.

Take the Pain out of Paying – How Buy Now, Pay Later increases sales in B2B webshops

A frictionless checkout process can significantly impact a business’s conversion rate. While B2C web shops already offer flexible payment options that simplify the payment process for buyers, there is an urgent need in the B2B sector to catch up in offering a better user experience and flexible payment methods. In this lecture, Amber discusses the pain points B2B is experiencing, and alternative approaches to address them, reduce friction points, and increase sales.