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Hét e-commercekennisevent

12 oktober 2023
DeFabrique, Utrecht


Anton Evers

Anton Evers is Senior Technical Architect at Adobe Consulting Services EMEA and is an expert in large Adobe Commerce architectures. Operating from the Netherlands, he is currently working with HP and Alshaya, and he typically leads enterprise-scale Adobe Commerce implementations and migrations. In his free time, Anton loves to kayak across the many rivers, canals and lakes that his country is known for. But he also loves to boulder, longboard, in-line skate or pretty much any outdoor sports that you invite him to.

Customer retention through subscription-based ecommerce

With inflation skyrocketing at rates, we have not seen since the early ‘70s, chances are that retailers are currently focusing on customer retention. A very effective way of maintaining a bi-directional relation with your customer is through subscription-based products, whether they are your bread and butter, or you consider selling subscriptions on the side. Anton Evers from Consulting Services at Adobe will give you some tips on how to build a successful subscription-based model and how you can do it with Adobe Commerce.