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Hét e-commerce-kennisevent

12 oktober 2023
DeFabrique, Utrecht


Cian Agnew

Cian Agnew is VP for Client Partnerships (International) for Wunderkind, the performance marketing engine that scales one-to-one messages for over 800 leading eCommerce brands. With a strong background in the digital space, prior to his role at Wunderkind, Cian held senior account director and consultant positions at Epsilon, ExactTarget and Celerity Information Services.

Unlocking 1-to-1 Marketing: How Clarks Boosted Results via Owned Channels

Step into the world of shoe retail legend, Clarks, in this captivating keynote session! With almost 200 years of history, Clarks manufactures and sells 55 million pairs of shoes annually. Now, they’re ready to reveal their secrets to unleashing the power of 1-to-1 marketing through owned channels.

Join Marcus Oughton (Clarks) and Cian Agnew (Wunder) as they dive into the challenges of enhancing direct-to-consumer results. Say goodbye to challenges around third-party cookies and expensive paid channels! Discover how Clarks remixed their owned channel strategy to achieve efficient and profitable growth from their first-party database.