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Hét e-commercekennisevent

12 oktober 2023
DeFabrique, Utrecht


Julian Eckerle


I consider myself fortunate to have spent the past 14 years in various Sales, Marketing & Business Development roles across a variety of amazing companies in the SaaS & AI space including Adobe, RichRelevance, Zendesk, and ThoughtSpot. These experiences converged at autoRetouch where I’m currently building the company’s go-to-market and leading all customer-facing business operations.

Faster, Cheaper, Easier – The AI Revolution for Product Image Post Production and Adaptation

Product images matter for online commerce. They need editing to ensure maximum impact, but current post-production technology can’t scale to enable frictionless image usage across online sales channels. Learn how our AI can help ensure images go from raw to style guide ready for different sales channels more efficiently than ever.