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Hét e-commerce-kennisevent

12 oktober 2023
DeFabrique, Utrecht


How to increase revenue with frictionless checkout experience for your customers

Margreet BrenkmanTom Pawelkiewicz

doorMargreet Brenkman Stripe

Tom Pawelkiewicz Klarna

om 13.00 - 13.30

zaal Douchelokaal

Many businesses leave money on the table with checkout experiences that fail to convert visitors into customers. In this invite-only roundtable, Margreet Brenkman, head of NoEur at Stripe, will explain how improving your checkout experience creates a competitive advantage, maximizes revenue.

Get best practices on how to:

  • Shorten the purchase journey
  • Localize checkouts by offering the most relevant local payments
  • Build for mobile and unified commerce
  • Make subscriptions seamless