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12 oktober 2023
DeFabrique, Utrecht


Tom Pawelkiewicz

Tom Pawelkiewicz

I am a seasoned digital payments and banking professional with a balance of business and technology expertise. I have an extensive background in product management, digital transformation and a deep understanding of the Canadian and global payments ecosystem, as well as, a broad experience with P&L ownership, partnership building, innovation, digital technology and agile delivery.
As an intrapreneur, I have passion for the digital arena and a track record of innovation, consensus building, leadership and product development and management.

How to increase revenue with frictionless checkout experience for your customers

Many businesses leave money on the table with checkout experiences that fail to convert visitors into customers. In this invite-only roundtable, Margreet Brenkman, head of NoEur at Stripe, will explain how improving your checkout experience creates a competitive advantage, maximizes revenue.

Get best practices on how to:

  • Shorten the purchase journey
  • Localize checkouts by offering the most relevant local payments
  • Build for mobile and unified commerce
  • Make subscriptions seamless